ExDesk press release archive: Release #2 dated Mar. 4th 2002

first upgrade of ExDesk Help Desk Software

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ExDesk.Com Announces Major Upgrade To Fully Web-Based Help Desk And Customer Service Platform

-Innovative new features make ExDesk a highly versatile web based help desk and customer support platform in both functionality and implementation -

Orange, CT – March 4th, 2002 –, a pioneer in the development of web-based, automated customer help desk tools and support systems, announces a major upgrade to its flagship product, ExDesk, a low-cost, full-featured, ASP-based help desk and customer support solution.

Ideally suited for IT and customer support, web-based businesses, and service providers ExDesk has been dramatically enhanced to provide not only web-based help desk support to closed user groups but now offers the industries largest number of service request and trouble ticketing options to both closed and open user groups. With this upgrade ExDesk dramatically extends the reach of organizations seeking to support their customers and users while still providing all the customizable features and capabilities its users have come to expect.

ExDesk has expanded beyond its original mandate to provide low cost, high functionality help desk solutions to IT support groups. By leveraging its powerful back-end support systems ExDesk now provides more implementation options than any other web-based system. ExDesk customers can now embed service request and trouble ticket forms directly into their own websites and use ExDesk’s management engine as their back-end. Customers can also choose to log trouble tickets in “Dispatcher” mode with their administrators opening either closed or open user group tickets on behalf of their end-users. Customers can also log their own trouble tickets in either a closed or open user group manner. Added together ExDesk offers a total of 7 different implementation scenarios to choose from plus expanded configuration options.

"With this upgrade ExDesk becomes an even more flexible support tool" said Dean Ayer, vice president of marketing for “We are now taking a “Swiss Army knife” approach that provides multiple trouble ticket submission options in addition to ExDesk’s multiple notification options. The net result is that there are more ways to get the information into our system and more ways to become aware of it, distribute it and manage it. Our customers each have their own unique implementation and usage requirements and by providing these options we free them from having to alter their processes and practices to fit a static implementation model as often happens with shrink wrapped software.”

“Because our service is web-based and remotely hosted its easy for us to rapidly deploy new features in keeping with our customers requirements and its also easy for us to support features like embedded trouble ticket forms in a customer’s web page. Customers ultimately get the ease of use, rapid deployment and customization plus our back-end processing power while avoiding large up-front costs and deployment delays“ said Stephen Maclean, chief technology officer for “We are now even further down the road towards providing a trouble ticketing and service request processing “virtual PBX” that can draw in user submissions in any number of ways and then process and re-direct them to support staff in any number of ways.”

ExDesk Upgrades include:

Custom defined fields – Customers can now create their own operation specific fields to include such things as account numbers, contract numbers, part descriptions etc.

Embeddable HTML option – Customers can place a customized trouble ticket form directly onto their support web page and use ExDesk’s back-end processing system.

Open user groups – Tickets can now be opened by open (without id/password) user groups as well as closed (known) user groups if desired. Administrators can also act as dispatchers and open either open or closed user group trouble tickets or service requests.

Ease of use – Enhanced usability, customization, and presentation options have also been added to ease the process of account management and setup.

ExDesk is currently available nationwide with prices starting as low as $49.99 per month for unlimited service. For a limited time only, the company is offering a free, 30-day, no-obligation demo trial. For additional information, visit the company’s website at for further details.

About, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Slacktronics, LLC, a closely held private company. The company was founded in 1998 with the objective of providing support professionals and service providers with innovative, affordable, web-based support tools. For more information on, visit the company’s web site at www.

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