ExDesk is billed on a monthly basis, based on the total
number of help desk "Administrators" you create within your account. Administrators are the people who will actually be working on the trouble tickets that are opened by or on behalf of your users or customers.
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ExDesk does not charge any fees based on the number of users or tickets created nor does it charge you site license, setup, training, support, maintenance, or upgrade fees.

With ExDesk you also save on hardware costs, maintenance costs, database software costs, "module" costs, and other large initial cash outlays that are associated with traditional shrink wrapped software (plus your associated support time and effort).

Our simple fee schedule* :

Single Administrator Account $50.00 / month total
2 through 5 Administrators $149.00 / month total
6 through 10 Administrators $199.00 / month total
Each Additional Administrator over 10 $15.00 / Admin / month

NOTE: These are total charges for your group of administrators not for each individual administrator. Listed below are a pair of examples.


If you have 5 administrators your total monthly bill, regardless of how many tickets you opened or how many people (users) where helped, would be $149.00 TOTAL for the month.

If you had 11 administrators your total bill from ExDesk for a month of service would be $214.00 ($199.00 for the first 10 and $15.00 for the 11th administrator).

File Attachments Option:

ExDesk provides a configurable option to allow for up to 5 file attachments per ticket (10 meg per file limit), the attachments as well as all tickets are stored and hosted indefinately. As this feature requires a great deal more storage and bandwidth than using exdesk without enabling file attachments there is a small additional fee associated with its use should you chose to enable it. The pricing is as follows:

Single Administrator Account additional $10.00 / month total
2 through 5 Administrators additional $15.00 / month total
6 through 10 Administrators additional $25.00 / month total
Each Additional Administrator over 10 additional $2.50 / Admin / month

This feature can be turned on and off from within your ExDesk account - there is no charge for using it during the trial period.

*prices are subject to change, the super administrator (account creator) is counted as an administrator.

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