With accounts ranging in size from a single user to very large accounts with companies like Lucent, Kraft Foods, American Express, Avis-Budget, and Raytheon, ExDesk is able to satisfy the broadest range of needs. So what are they saying about ExDesk? Read what some of our customers recently had to say:

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"I just wanted to let you know that after only a couple of months of using your product, I can't say enough good things about it!! It is extremely user friendly, and allows an engineer or customer to provide as much or as little information as needed on each ticket. The customizable features are superb, allowing us to customize each clients reporting needs specific to their situation. Our customers love it because they submit a ticket and within minutes they are receiving a telephone call and scheduling assistance. This alleviates them having to call us, wait on hold, or play musical phone tag with menu buttons! In many other situations they are receiving a phone call within minutes to let them know their problem has already been corrected via remote access. Additionally, it allows our engineers in the field to make immediate updates, including closing out tickets immediately upon completion of work. There's no additional note taking or trying to remember what has been accomplished throughout the day so everything can be closed out later in the evening.

Again - your product is superb, and after nearly 8 months of research, we are extremely pleased we selected your product. Thank you Exdesk!!"

Kind Regards,
Bruce Mizell
CIO/Director Information Technology
Global Network Solutions, Inc.

"So far I think your product is fantastic. I literally sat here for a few hours last night
unsure of just where to start given all of the options. I have
used/reviewed MANY help desk software programs and have been looking for
a web based ASP type for a long time. Yours is the first that I've
found that does everything that I need. And, yours has features that I
never thought I could incorporate.

In my business I have clients who I provide support to - mainly law
firms. Your product enables me to make them each feel like they have
their own support world. The product I used before was everyone rolled
up into my support system. So, they were able to see other tickets and
felt like they weren't number one. With this one I think they will see
just how important they are."

Richard Lea
Legal Network Systems

"Let me tell you that we have tried a ton of Helpdesk Tracking software. We have used Action Request Systems (Remedy), TrackIT from Blue Ocean Software and some privately written SQL Tracking Databases. None would do what we wanted it to do. We stumbled across ExDesk by accident and decided to give them a shot. We immediately liked what we saw. The interface is very easy to use, very speedy and offers a lot of customization options.

We needed a tool that could be accessed from anywhere. We are an organization that has offices all over the world, and it was critical that our IT/IS Staff be able to use this tool from anywhere.

It was also critical that we be able to monitor service levels and have the ability to search issues and run issue tracking reports, so that we had a good idea of where our issues were originating and what was causing them. This gives us the ability to pull "trend" reports and offer customized training to our customers based on the issues that are being reported to the Helpdesk.

One of my personal issues was speed. Working in the field a lot, I was often frustrated trying to access our in house tools via Citrix or Terminal Services. With ExDesk being a web based product, I could access it from anywhere and at lightning fast speeds.

I have to admit, we are really impressed with ExDesk. Any time we have had an issue or needed a question answered, they have been more than ready to assist us."

Jeremy T. Slater
Information Systems Manager
MuniMae Midland

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