We knows its about more than comparing features against price when you are looking to get your support issues under control. We place as much focus on HOW you can use our service as we do on features. We have listened to 2,000+ support professionals and heard more than just their feature wish-lists, we have heard how they need to work in order to solve their problems...
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What we've found

In a nutshell most organizations help desk needs are unique to their environment and the way they want to work has to be matched by their solution. No two organizations have exactly the same support environments so a configurable workflow is required to complement the feature set of their help desk software. When your workflow is matched and supported by the right feature set only then do you have the right solution.

What we have built to compliment our feature set

A set of options exist within ExDesk that are simple to configure but provide a powerful ability to match your workflow requirements, the major options are listed below.

Client Accounts

Each ExDesk account comes with a default, internal "client account". A client account is like a trouble ticket system unto itself. You can configure which administrators are assigned to it to fix problems, which users are associated with it, trouble types, priority levels, custom fields, billing codes, graphics, titles, etc.

You can create more than one client account, you can have hundreds if you need them, and each can be totally different from the last. This allows you to create one for each customer, client, department, project, support group etc. You can make them and delete them as needed and each one can be unique.

You can have a set of administrators and assign different administrators to a mix of different client accounts based on skill-set or experience.

Open, Closed, and Mixed user groups

For each client account you can decide first if you want to create tickets on behalf of users (perhaps from your support phone line) or if you want them to create tickets themselves. If you decide to create the tickets on behalf of the users they can be "closed" users, who each have a unique user profile stored in your account, or "open users" who either don't have a profile or are unknown to you in advance. You can even have a mix of the two within one client account or several.

If you want your users to create tickets they can do so by having a "closed" user login ID and password that will let them create, view, and update tickets and see their old tickets. You can alternately give them an "open" user link that they can bookmark or click on from your website that will allow them to fill in a ticket creation form that includes their contact information and problem description without having to login.

You can even export an html form from ExDesk that is an open user ticket creation form then embed it into your website. All of these options can be mixed and matched for each client account.


For each client account you can decide how the administrators get notified when a user opens a ticket (if you allow users to open tickets). They can be sent an email, or be paged, or both. You can even select different notification levels based on the priority of the ticket or who opened it. Within a client account you can set these notification levels for the assigned group of administrators or mix and match between different administrators. Maybe you want one to see the tickets on-line, another to get an email, and a third to get paged but only for the highest priority tickets.

If your administrators open tickets for users the same can work in reverse. You can determine when, if ever, your users are notified that you opened a ticket for them. They can be notified whenever a ticket changes from one status to another like from submitted to acknowledged or from in-progress to closed. Comments can be sent to users from within the system as well.

Lastly, on a per-client basis, you can determine how one administrator notifies another that they have assigned or passed a ticket to them. If you use text pagers and have administrators on the road they cant get assigned tickets and contact information so they can find a user and fix his problem right away.

All of these notifications dramatically cut down on phone calls, saving you time and effort.

The result

You work your way by defining the behavior of the system as well as by taking advantage of its features. Its what you need in a solution that determines the final choice you make and we are always available via phone and email from the moment you create a free 30-day trial account to discuss how to "dial-in" the perfect mix to match your support needs.

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